If you have a Cleaning Tender you would like to apply for, or you have a job or lead that needs to be Quoted, then we can help you.

Our system allows us to win more jobs than any other cleaning business, and our lead conversion is over 35%. This means that we win one job in every 2.5 we quote.

Imagine if we were able to do this for you? Well, now we can!

Step 1 - We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect you. This also means that we will not be working for any other company on the same Tender or Quote.

Step 2 - We agree pricing and sign a Pricing Agreement; so you know what you are up for up front. Our pricing usually involves a fixed up front fee (to cover our out of pocket expenses) to complete the Tender documents, quote and schedule, and then a fee if you win (which you only pay if you win).

Step 3 - We prepare all the documentation, including Tender documents, quotation (pricing), schedule. We also help you meet any requirements (eg; ISO, OH&S, WWC, Payroll Compliance, etc). Note: These may cost extra depending on what is required.

Step 4 - We submit your application, formatted correctly and with all necessary information to provide you with the best possible chance of winning.

If you are interested in us Tendering or Quoting for you, feel free to contact your local Cleaning Works office for more information and a confidential meeting.

Note: the above figures are only based on our own lead conversion, and can vary depending on how many other companies are tendering or quoting for the same job.

Cleaning Works have now added ISO 18001 OH&S Certification to our existing 9001 and 14001 ISO Certifications. This is really great for us and for our clients, ensuring they are covered by the latest OH&S Certification Compliance.

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