Carpet Steam Cleaning


Steam Cleaning

When you vacuum your carpets, although it removes dirt and dust from the top of the fibres, it leaves it in the bottom of your carpet.  Without regular deep cleaning, the carpet fibres are worn away and your carpet is damaged.  In addition, stains or spills are not removed from normal vacuuming.

To ensure your carpet is kept healthy and clean, you should schedule a regular carpet steam clean.  Steam cleaning (or hot water extraction) is the process of spraying water under pressure mixed with detergent onto your carpet, and then using suction to extract the water along with the dirt.  Although this leaves your carpet wet for a few hours, it is by far the most effective method of treating carpets for stains and deep dirt removal.

Contact us today to have a quote designed specifically for your carpeted areas to ensure they are kept looking and smelling their best.

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